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    Frequently asked questions

    What is actually ski wax?

    Ski wax is a wax applied to the base of alpine, jump or cross-country skis or to snowboards. Skiwax minimizes the friction between the gliding surface of the ski and the snow surface, thus increasing the gliding ability of the skis. Thus, with the right ski wax, higher speeds can be achieved without having to use more force.

    Sliding waxes are available as hot wax and cold wax. A hot wax is available as a block and is liquefied using a wax iron and applied to the ski and worked into the base. Cold waxes are, for example, liquid waxes or paste waxes. These are incorporated directly into the ski base. Ski waxes applied using wax irons last longer than liquid or paste waxes.

    Ski waxes are differentiated according to hardness. The hardness is determined, among other things, by the fluorine content of the various ski waxes. Soft ski waxes melt at lower temperatures than hard ski waxes. Soft ski waxes tend to be used in wetter snow conditions, while hard ski waxes are used in colder temperatures and dry snow conditions.