ALPIN Racing PRO WARM is suitable for all damp to wet ski slopes at temperatures from +15°C to -2°C.
ALPIN Racing PRO was developed in cooperation with Edi Unterberger (former service man of Marcel Hirscher) and the ÖSV especially for racing. With the ALPIN PRO SERIES from HWK, great successes have already been celebrated in the World Cup and from now on every junior and hobby racer can also start the races with this new series.

Temperature range: +15°C to -2°C

Ironing temperature: approx. 140°C

Art. No.: 4240

Delivery form: Block

Processing instructions for ALPIN Racing PRO WARM:

Wax at specified ironing temperature! (Observe room temperature and avoid smoke development!)
Cool for 15min, peel off (plexi blade), brush out and polish.


Weight 0,13 kg
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 10,5 cm

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